Sep 02

Gamer Introduced #16 – Suck On My USB Chord (@UF_Shane)

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This week Moonshiner1820 and Titanicwang are joined by Dr_G_Peds as we interview Shane from UrgentFury.com.  Not only does the good Doctor come with the randomness from the cougar den, but she and Moonshiner get a bit chatty.  Due to the move from the old site we are just now catching up on our old interviews and looking forward to finding new guests soon.  Hope you all enjoy the show and please be sure to drop us a line to let us know how we’re doing.

Next week we talk with Jedi Junkie from joypadandme.com.

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If you insist, you can always download it here – Gamer Introduced 16 – Suck On My USB Chord (@UF_Shane)


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