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Oct 13

Reset Gamer 74 – Some Amount Of Time

Welcome the guys back once again as the Reset Gamer podcast returns with a new episode. This show hardrocknguy & KalebKJC talk about Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2, the New Nintendo 3DS, The Legend of Zelda series, Shadow Of Mordor, the 7th anniversary of The Orange Box, Super Smash Bros. 3DS, Kaleb being sick …

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Sep 30

Reset Gamer 73 – Make It Last

Reset Gamer is back for another week. So enjoy this show as much as you can. This episode listen as hardrocknguy and KalebKJC talk about The Master Chief Collection, hardrock’s experience getting an Xbox One, Destiny, Horror Video Games, Being Attacked by Moths, Minecraft, Grand Theft Auto V, the disappointment of Titanfall, The Walking Dead Season 2 …

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Sep 23

We Play, You Watch: Gauntlet

On the day it was released, hardrocknguy decided to play the newly released Gauntlet on PC. Watch live video from hardrocknguy on Twitch

Jul 23

Reset Gamer 72 – Free To Listen

Reset Gamer is back once again with a brand new episode. No charge. Free to listen. This show hardrocknguy and KalebKJC talk about The International DOTA 2 Championship, the Need For Speed movie, Video Game Movies, MOBA games, Shovel Knight, hardrock getting his hands on a PlayStation 4, Entwined, DOOM, Cliff Bleszinski’s new project, Kaleb’s name for …

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Jun 30

Reset Gamer 71 – The Damage So Far

A comforting thing about the Reset Gamer podcast is that it always has, and always will be free. But this show your host KalebKJC and his co-host hardrocknguy welcome back Moonshiner1820. The guys talk about the Steam Summer Sale and the damage their bank accounts took because of it, the World Cup, Phil Fish talking …

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Jun 24

We Play, You Watch: Monaco What’s Yours Is Mine

hardrocknguy and KalebKJC play Monaco with PhilOsyfee. This might not all go according to plan. Watch live video from ThreeTallNerds on TwitchTV

Jun 23

We Play, You Watch: Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2

Moonshiner1820 and hardrocknguy decide to try to save the world and destroy some zombies along the way. Well, they played Sniper Elite Nazi Zombie Army 2 really. Watch the videos. Watch live video from ThreeTallNerds on TwitchTV Watch live video from ThreeTallNerds on TwitchTV

Jun 19

Reset Gamer 70 – Catching Up… Again

Real life sometimes gets in the way, but the Reset Gamer podcast continues. In this episode hardrocknguy and KalebKJC talk about GOG (Good Old Games) new Galaxy program, the Steam Summer Sale, E3 2014 conferences from Sony and Microsoft, the Battlefield Hardline Beta, Kaleb’s problem with Ubisoft and much more. We thank you for listening. …

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Jun 03

Reset Gamer 69 – Organized Mess

Reset Gamer is back with another show. This time hardrocknguy welcomes back the other two Tall Nerds Moonshiner1820 and Titanic. Sorry ladies, no KalebKJC this episode. This time the guys talk Ports, the PlayStation Vita, Wolfenstein: The New Order, Watch Dogs, Call of Duty Collection, when the community leaves games, E3 and much more. We …

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May 31

We Play, You Watch: Race The Sun

hardrocknguy Live Steams himself playing/crashing in Flippfly’s Race The Sun (with music by Sun Airway). Watch live video from hardrocknguy on TwitchTV

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