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Dec 30

hardrock’s Best of 2013

2013 was another very interesting year for video games. Reboots, new console launches and the subject of DRM among other things. Plus it was a year I personally learned that retro gaming is just as important as modern games, game collecting can become a full time and expensive hobby, branching out into more different ways …

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Jul 27

Moonshine Alley Redux (or like #16, but we’ll go with redux)

Long before an absolute shithead of a person destroyed what we were all working on I had a self indulgent as hell column called Moonshine Alley.  That mother fucker is back and as self indulgent as ever and I don’t give a fuck if anyone ever reads it again – as if the last site …

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Oct 23

Titanicwang’s Ship Load of YouTube Ed:2

Halloween is fast approaching and it brings candy, costumes and Scares! It’s one of most fun things to do and during Halloween just makes scaring people that much more fun. It was just the best scaring the crap out of my sister so much that she would tell our Mom and get me in trouble. …

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Oct 07

Titanicwang’s Ship Load of YouTube Ed:1

As an extremely good looking white male, I spend a lot of time on YouTube. I find myself on at home, at work, on my phone and pretty much anywhere else. I figured I would share some of these visual gems with our readers. This week brings the return of The Walking Dead and with it Ship Load …

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