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Apr 06

Reset Gamer 31 – Zombie Hangover

When is too much, just too much? Never when it’s certain things such as candy, zombies and the Reset Gamer podcast. Welcome back hardrocknguy, (a late) KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang and listen as the guys talk WAY too much about The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale, Disney closing LucasArts, Europeans getting better Movie Trailers and Video …

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Jan 05

Reset Gamer 19 – Too Comfortable

When friends come over, you always know you are among good people. Sometimes you even drop your guard and get a little, too comfortable. So that might have been what happened this episode as hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang welcome back their podcasting brother, yuntwis himself Donny. Listen as the guys speak about how they rang …

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Nov 24

Reset Gamer 14 – Terminator, A Love Story

Reset Gamer has, and always be, a free flowing podcast. So that could explain why these guys seem to talk about just the most random stuff. Listen as hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang speak about how the Twilight series is just a copy of some movies you might not think of, How books ruin movies, Their …

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Nov 10

Reset Gamer 12 – Bad Dog

When you lose someone close to you, it can affect you. And it could be why this episode is a bit off the end. But join hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang as they welcome Moonshiner1820 and Donny back to the show. Listen as the guys grieve about the loss of T-Dog on The Walking Dead (oh …

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Oct 27

Reset Gamer 11 – Celebrity Home Movies

We have no idea how these guys get onto the topics they do, but the Reset Gamer podcast returns proving that anything can come up. Listen as hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang talk about celebrity home movies, the second episode of The Walking Dead, hardrock’s opinion of Cabin In The Woods, Horror Movie recommendations for Halloween …

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Oct 20

Reset Gamer 10 – Jumping The Gun

The Reset Gamer podcast returns once again. This time hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94, Titanicwang and returning guest Donny became so excited about the new season premiere of The Walking Dead, they decided to over analyze it WAY TOO MUCH! So listen to their many thoughts about the new episode. Plus the guys continue their weekly discussion about giving …

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