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Jan 26

Gamer Introduced – Old Men And Weather

Old Man Winter has been moody.  Justin and Jake try not to bullshit about it too long, but it is in their nature.  Someone couldn’t quite make it through Kick-Ass 2 and someone may or may not have experienced a little Titanfall. We’re always looking for more guest so please take the time to hit …

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Apr 21

Gamer Introduced – All Sales Are Final

This week Moonshiner and Titanicwang wax poetic about whatever we decide.  Goddamn you Steam for refunding an offended gamer! We’re always looking for more guest so please take the time to hit us up on Twitter or email the show GamerIntroduced@Threetallnerds.com Please make sure to subscribe to the Gamer Introduced feed in iTunes or RSS and please leave a …

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Apr 07

Gamer Introduced – Three Tall Critics

This week hardrocknguy joins Titanicwang and Moonshiner for what turns out to be part bitchfest part glowing review.  Turns out we don’t all see eye to eye on The Walking Dead and not everyone is absolutely positive that Man of Steel will be a kick ass movie! We’re always looking for more guest so please …

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Mar 16

Reset Gamer 29 – 92 Percent

We feel that there is a high percent chance you will listen to this episode of the Reset Gamer podcast and enjoy it. For this show welcome back the rag tag bunch of hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang and listen as they talk about upcoming movies such as Christopher Nolan on the Justice League and Batman …

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Jan 13

Gamer Introduced – BullSh*tt*ng

Quickly being outpaced by every other podcast about videogames with the exception of the dearly departed Blu Show.  Maybe we’ll see if we can get one of those guys on to see what they’re up to today.  Anywho this week we were going to do a show and instead a conversation between hardrocknguy, Titanicwang, and …

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