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Nov 24

Gamer Introduced – Now Serving #5

Not much in the way of zombie talk this week as it seems new consoles are out and eating up our time.  Condolences to Dr_G_Peds for her recent loss. We’re always looking for more guest so please take the time to hit us up on Twitter or email the show GamerIntroduced@Threetallnerds.com Please make sure to …

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Oct 27

Gamer Introduced – It Ain’t A Farmer’s Hat

Titanicwang spends too much money when he’s drunk.  Moonshiner might have on an occasion or two as well.  PS4 will be here soon and atleast one of them cares about the Xbox One.  Hopefully Titanicwang has finally seen No Country For Old Men!  That and The Walking Dead this week. We’re always looking for more …

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