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Jun 22

Reset Gamer 40 – What A Week…

Another week comes, and so does another episode of the Reset Gamer podcast. This time, join hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanic as they discuss Microsoft changing their polices on DRM for the XboxOne, Kaleb returning to console gaming, Red Dead Redemption, Gran Turismo 5, the last PlayStation 2 game being released, Loaning games on Steam, Digital …

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Jan 12

Reset Gamer 20 – When Was Your First Time?

We all remember our first time for certain events. The first time you played your favorite video game of all time. The first time you kissed someone special. The first time you heard the Reset Gamer podcast. All memorable times you may never forget. So for this episode listen as hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang talk about …

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Oct 05

Re: Finding Lost Treasures – JRPG Overload Edition

Some people collect stamps, others coins. I collect video games. In my last entry I mentioned that I picked up a Sony PlayStation 2 that I had to make a bit of a special trip for. Still sealed and unopened, which some people were selling close to over two-hundred dollars and more on eBay, I …

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Jun 21

Re: Finding Lost Treasures – Millions Sold, But Could Not Be Found

Some people collect coins, others stamps. I collect video games. When something is undoubtedly a success, you can believe that it will be marketed for availability to everyone. Movies, music and even video games; in this case consoles specifically. So you would think that something that is considered one of, if not “The”, most popular …

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