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Oct 18

Resident Evil 6 Review

At its pinnacle, the Resident Evil franchise was once considered to be the staple of the term “Survival Horror”. But over the past few entries, Capcom seems to have made it a point to move the series into a more action-orientated direction. While some praised this new direction with breathing new life into the games and changing its …

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Oct 13

Reset Gamer 9 – You Should Be Terrified

The Reset Gamer podcast returns again, trying to scare you out of your seat. Welcome back hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94, Titanicwang and returning for the full episode this time, good friend of the show, yuntwis himself Donny. Listen as the guys discuss Borderlands 2, the Battlefield: Bad Company television show, Donny saying Resident Evil 6 isn’t that …

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Sep 08

Reset Gamer 4 – Return Of The Mack

Welcome back to yet another episode of the original Reset Gamer podcast. hardrocknguy returns to the hosting chair and welcomes back Titanicwang. Listen as these two speak about The Walking Dead game, KalebKJC94 being a working man, the Half-Life remake Black Mesa, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Borderlands 2, Saturday Morning Cartoons, Resident Evil 6 being …

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