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Aug 07

Metroid II Fan Made Remake Released (Updated)

(Update) Seems that Nintendo quickly caught wind of the remake and it pulled from the website. If you have never had the chance to play Metroid II, the fan remake called “AM2R Return Of Samus”, has been finally released. http://metroid2remake.blogspot.com/p/am2r-downloads.html

Dec 08

Reset Gamer 54 – Late To The Party Chat

Late, but not gone, the Reset Gamer podcast returns with another show. This episode, hardrocknguy and KalebKJC talk about the madness of Black Friday, The Legend of Zelda A Link Between Worlds, the theory of Link being dead in Majora’s Mask, Speed Runs, purchasing an Xbox 360 for the first time, Nintendo 2D and 3DS XL, …

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