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Apr 26

Gamer Introduced – ExBone Nooooo!

Justin has issues with his ExBone while Jake buys another one for no really good reason.  Justin can’t leave his Playstation as his primary console.  And a dinner bell! We’re always looking for more guest so please take the time to hit us up on Twitter or email the show GamerIntroduced@Threetallnerds.com Please make sure to …

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Jan 19

Reset Gamer 21 – Drunk, Tired & Hung… Over

We have all done crazy or outrageous things before. But finding out the real story is when it becomes interesting. So for this episode of the Reset Gamer podcast, listen as hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang talk about who from the show was Drunk Tweeting, Call of Duty: Black Ops II DLC finally coming to the PS3 and …

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Jan 12

Reset Gamer 20 – When Was Your First Time?

We all remember our first time for certain events. The first time you played your favorite video game of all time. The first time you kissed someone special. The first time you heard the Reset Gamer podcast. All memorable times you may never forget. So for this episode listen as hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and Titanicwang talk about …

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Nov 17

Reset Gamer 13 – This Could Be Interesting

The Reset Gamer podcast is back once again, returning with it’s usual top notch discussions as the guys actually return to talking about games this episode. This time the guys seem to want to get to know each other a little better, so listen to hardrocknguy, KalebKJC94 and a rich Titanicwang speak about money spending …

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