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May 31

We Play, You Watch: Race The Sun

hardrocknguy Live Steams himself playing/crashing in Flippfly’s Race The Sun (with music by Sun Airway). Watch live video from hardrocknguy on TwitchTV

May 23

We Play, You Watch: Left 4 Dead 2

Instead of recording another episode of the Reset Gamer podcast, KalebKJC and hardrocknguy decided to play Left 4 Dead 2 in honor of hardrock’s birthday. Watch live video from ThreeTallNerds on TwitchTV

May 22

We Play, You Watch: Outlast

KalebKJC decided to play Outlast on his PC and broadcast it on his Twitch page. Watch him play below, but be warned: You May Hear A Guy Scream… Watch live video from KalebKJC on TwitchTV